About Us

Map of Premier Fruits Farms

Premier Fruits Group (PFG) is a wholly owned Australian company and a growing corporate that retains strong family values. With a vertically integrated supply chain that spans from farm to retailer, we continue to develop as industry leaders for our Categories both in Australia and abroad. Our operations range from farms in Australia’s best growing regions to state-of-the-art packing and distribution centres in each capital city. We maintain the largest central market trading floor space in Australia with markets in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide Sydney and Perth.

We have consistently maintained an exceptionally stable workforce with a strong sense of personal responsibility and we value ideas and encourage innovation in every area of our enterprise. We invest in research and development, funding new frontiers in horticulture, packaging and cold chain transport and distribution. We value our strong relationships with customers, suppliers, communities and our employees. PFG is a company built on integrity and quality. Consumers in Australia and internationally trust us to supply their families with the best quality fresh fruit and vegetables.


  • Premier Fruits Established

    Over three generations of knowledge, people and tradition come together as Premier Fruits Pty Ltd established as a Melbourne based business.

  • Fresh Choice Joins W.A.

    Fresh Choice W.A. Pty Ltd a Perth based wholesale business joins the group through a 50/ 50 joint venture with the La Manna Group.

  • Premier Fruits Brisbane

    Premier Fruits Brisbane Pty Ltd established within the Premier Fruits Group as a wholesale trading business.

  • Premier Farms

    Premier Farms was established in Bundaberg and Childers Queensland.

  • Col Johnson & Co

    Col Johnson & Co Pty Ltd became the newest addition to the Premier Fruits Group in a joint venture.

  • Premier Fruits Adelaide

    Premier Fruits Adelaide Pty Ltd was established and Freshway Farms became the newest addition to the Premier Fruits Group.